The biggest mistakes in cooking

Are you interested in the most common mistakes in cooking? Maybe you think that you are a good cook, because you know how to use spices? It is possible that you also do amateur mistakes in cooking and you don’t even know.

mistakes in cooking, cutting, vegetables

It is possible that you also do amateur mistakes in cooking and you don’t even know.

Mistakes in cooking: Too much spices

A good meal should have no more than three to four basic flavors, to which you can add different flavorings. If you add too much, you can confuse palates, and spices that you want to taste them lose their purpose.

Mistakes in cooking: Not hot enough

If you bake, cook or fry the food, you need to make sure that the pan is hot enough. Preferable heating time for wok , for example, is seven minutes.

Mistakes in cooking: You don’t use thermometer

This is a mistake that usually every amateur cook do. In the 99 % of dishes made in the oven, they not turned out as well as they could and the reason for this is, that you did not use a thermometer and the oven was not hot enough.

Mistakes in cooking: Too much liquid

Adding too much liquid during cooking, can be a fatal mistake, because the food loses flavor. Mistake is, that the meat floats in water and is cooking instead of roasting.

Mistakes in cooking: Flour can be your enemy

To host the sauce, people often add the flour, but be careful – for more dense sauce is enough to add only two or three tablespoons of flour per cup of liquid. And it also take some time for the sauce to get thick. If you add too much flour, your sauce will be grainy and tasteless.

mistakes in cooking spices

One of the common mistakes in cooking is adding too much spices.


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