Cutting onions with no tears

Cutting onions, especially when it is necessary to cut a larger quantity, can be a quite frustrating task, because we soon start to cry. Cutting onions with no tears can be reached with a few simple tricks.

Why onion “burns”? It has an enzyme that irritates the eyes and it is released as soon as we cut into the onion. In contact with water, enzyme in the onions forms a volatile acid which irritate us like pepper spray.

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There are some tricks for cutting onions without tears

Tricks for cutting onions without tears

Tearing can be reduced, but you have to make sure that the onion vapors do not come into contact with eyes or tears glands. Those who wear glasses or contact lenses will tell you that it helps for reduce tearing when cutting onions. If you do not wear glasses, this does not mean that you have to cut onions with sunglasses – there are many quite effective ways for less tears when cutting onions.

  • Breathe through your mouth – with breathing through the mouth, the onion vapors escape the receptors that cause tearing (just like you avoid burning feeling, if you exhale through your mouth when eating horseradish).
  • Before cutting onion, put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Thus, the onion will be cold and the enzymes will release more slowly and the the water in onion will be slightly frozen, so therefore will be less vapor.
  • For cutting onion, use a very sharp knife – a well-sharpened knife will nicely cut an onion tissue, while unsharpened knife will crumple the cells which cause the release of more enzyme.
  • Provide good ventilation – open windows, make a draft, so vapor drift away from your nose and eyes, or simply cut the onion under the activated kitchen hood.
  • Near the cutting board lit the aromatic candle. The flame should suck the vapors from onion, in addition, the candle will give you a nice smell which will come in handy later – when you will roast onion and it would otherwise spread smell around the house.
  • Brush the cutting board with vinegar. This absorbs the vapors from the onion and deactivates enzymes.
  • Dip the onion in salt water – such salt solution disables enzymes.
  • If you have sensitive eyes and upper methods are not sufficient enough, cut onion in the water. Place the board in the kitchen sink and pour so much water that goes a little over board, or just open the tap and let water drip over the onions while cutting it.
cutting onions withut tears glasses tips tricks

If you wear glasses, it helps for reduce tearing when cutting onions


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