Chocolate cups

Chocolate cups

Would you like to serve a fruit, ice cream or whipped cream in a chocolate cups that you can eat? Now you can! It is not difficult, and yes, you can do it yourself. All you need is chocolate and some water balloons. You can also use the usual balloons, very little inflated, but it will be much harder to separate them from the chocolate.

chocolate cups balloons cream raspberries


  • chocolate couverture (icing)
  • water balloons
  • baking paper

First of all, completely clean your work surface, as on balloons quickly collect static, which means that it will caught each of the smallest dirt, hair and dust. Inflate balloons – water balloons is a bit harder to inflate with air, so you can use with pump intended for filling balloons. Each balloon rinse under cold water, that it will not dirty, shake and place it on a clean surface and let it dry.

chocolate cups balloons


  1. Crack the chocolate couverture into pieces and melt it in water bath or in microwave. Stop with melting when it is melted a little more than half of chocolate and then mix the pieces to melt remaining. If you heat until until everything is melted the chocolate would be too smooth and too hot.
  2. Each balloon soak into melted couverture let it stick as much chocolate as possible, then place it on the baking paper. Allow chocolate to get hard.
  3. When the chocolate cups are firm, with scissors cut the knot of the balloon and slowly let air from balloon and then remove it from the chocolate cup. Often happens that balloon can’t be separate nicely from chocolate – help you with your fingers and be gentle that you don’t brake the chocolate cups.

Into chocolate cups you can serve ice cream, fruit, creams, mousse,…


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